На страничку Stratovarius

Fourth Dimension 1995

Timo Tolkki - backing vocals, guitar;
Timo Kotipelto - vocals
Tuomo Lassila - drums;
Jari Kainulainen - bass;
Antti Ikonen - keyboards.

Against The Wind
Distant Skies
Lord Of The Wasteland
We Hold The Key
Twilight Symphony
Call Of The Wilderness


Once again I tried to make things work, facing all the power of society. Searching all the answers of the life I'll never make it on my own.
Was I meant to fail every time? Seems to me that's my destiny. Is it all that's left for me, confusion and bad memories.
But now my time has come, no more running in the dark. I want much more than this, I really want it all.
Against the wind we run to every place under the sun. We got so much power inside we will never give up.
Against the wind we go, towards the new shore. Together we forget the sorrow it's forever gone.

Went into the plane was scared like hell. Tried to relax for awhile. But when we took off, I feared we would fall, waving goodbye to this life.
I'm flying through winds tonight. No sign of the dawn or light.
Silhouettes in the sky, Wings are carrying me through the night.
Silhouettes in the sky, Destination unknown
Distant Skies
After a while, I tried to sleep, but watched two movies instead, The fear struck again, How I hate this plane, I hope this would come to an end.
I'm flying...

Hear my call, Don't waste your time, Remember what we're fighting for.
Hear my voice, take my hand, we got to win this war.
We were ment to be free
Not to live in slavery
To the other Galaxies we go, Gather all our strength before they know. Soon the time will come for all of us. To unite our souls and hearts
Save the universe.

Silence is all I hear, blackness fills my world. Midwinter days and lonely nights, Depression takes over my frozen mind.
Morning starts a new day, Dawning nowhere to be seen, Oh won't you break, My chains and let me go free as a bird in the sky.
Winter blows colder, I'm growing older. Visions of darkness, Breaking the silence.
Winter blows colder, I'm feeling older. Light fades away, I'm here to stay.
I'm telling you, no one could ever take your place. Open your eyes and you will see.
Winter blows...



I'm going back through time, before the war this crime. Who would have believed that they would do it.
One April morning, without warning. The sirens woke us up to minutes to live we got.
I'm dying, I'm crying still I'm the lord
I'm fighting, Denying still I'm the Lord of the Wasteland.
Now I'm alone in here, Last man on Earth I'll be, Walking through chaos land, there's just black mist and sand.
I'm dying...

I'm your God, computer's my name. Give the password or you will fail.
I will lock you into my mind, your number is all you will find.
Don't try to run I'll take your life and the will of your power.
Under the sun, there is no place where you can hide.
If you are a virus instead, Go away there's nothing for you here.
Log you out of my system, no use commands are always the same.
Don't try...

Shades of night, I'm walking through sleeping village. That is having a dream of thousand dreams. Moon is guiding my way through the land, the snow is silently falling from the sky that is lit by millions stars
Nightfall-I feel the breeze
Nightfall-On my face
Nightfall-And the trees are
Nightfall-Covered with white lace

I'm watching as the morning sun rises. Before my very eyes revealing all this beauty. Questions fill my mind once again, clearing my thoughts. Have I been blind? Now I see.
The hole is getting bigger in the sky, do you know the reason why. Do you know the reason why, nobody seems to care. Everything is so well in your life. Did you ever give a dime, to things that you really believed?
The future will show, what happenes to our world.
We hold the key to the door, of salvation eternally. We hold the key to minds to the future of mankind.
It's time to wake up from your dreams, to reality this can't go on believe me. If you just turn your head away. Will tomorrow be the same, try to foresee.
The future will show...
We hold the key...
What will we find? Mountains to climb? More destruction and hatred, we'll discover. Suddenly sounds awake me. Birds singing beautifully. Maybe there is hope still left... In this world
We hold the key...

I'm entering into the woods. I left everything behind. I have to follow my heart.
Don't know what I'm looking for. Starlight's guiding my way to old black oak where we meet. Now it's full moon.
Other side is calling me
Singing dancing this is no dream
Twilight Symphony
The feast is going on. Rapture never seen before. The fury is taking us to a new level soon. Hearing voices everywhere telling me what to do. Giving me answers.
Other side is calling me, Singing dancing this is no dream
Twilight Symphony
The spirits are calling me
I only wish to die, there is no question why...anymore


На страничку Stratovarius