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Mourning Palace
Spellbound (By The Devil)
In Death Embrace
Relinquishment Of Spirit And Flesh
The Night Masquerade
Tormentor Of Christian Souls
Master Of Disharmony
Prudence's Fall
A Succubus In Rapture
Raabjem Speiler Draugheimens Skodde

Mourning Palace

Daylight has finally reached itґs end
as evenfall strikes unto the sky
Far away in the dark glimpsing moonlight
sickening souls cry out in pain

Whispering voices, summoring screams
Waiting for Satan to bless their sins
Blackhearted angels fallen from grace
possessed by the search utter darkness

Hear the cries from the Mourning Palace
Feel the gloom of restless spirits
Hear the screams from the Mourning Palace
Feel the doom of haunting chants

Eternal is their lives in misery
Eternal is their live in griet
Abandoned in void of nothingness
A chain of anger, a lletter of despair

In this garden of depraved beings
this unsacred place of helpless ones
Satan blessed the creatures
unswathed them in endless night

Whispering voices, summoring screams
Waiting for Satan to bless their sins
Blackhearted angels fallen from grace
possessed by the search utter darkness
Spellbound (by the Devil)

You have returned to the torture-chambers
to find peace among the rotting corpses
You have returned to the execution place
to inhale the smell of blood

Death and terror rules the land
we have been spellbound
By the Devil
You have returned to the hidden graves
only you know about
You have returned to face your victims
and feel the sensation of violence once again

Death and terror rules the soul
You have been spellbound
By the Devil
Murderer, you have returned
to create fear and sorrow
Death and terror rules the land
we have been spellbound
By the Devil
In Death Embrace

By the light of the moon
and the beings of the night
A curse has been laid upon us
To seek and tear celestial gloss
to pieces

By the power of death
and the shadow of the Reaper
A call has been brought upon us
To complete the infinite fall
of heaven

Without the wit or will to end this journey
we continue traveling toward our faith
Harvesting helpless Christian spirits
raping the sanctity of saints

The heavenly father is streching his hand
pathetically begging to mercy
We spit and piss on his sacred flesh
as we breathe the breath on the unholy

For with the sign of the pentagram
Hellfire rage is for us to come
as we shall wander the pit
Unhallowed by the infernal one
we are forever captured
by the embrace of death
Relinquishement Of Spirit And Flesh

King of tempest and storms
lord of innumerable figures and forms
Blessed with Thy cold I am
as I upon the shoulders of mine
bear the burden of Thine

Once I got touched by fire from beyond
an invitation to darkness of which I could not resist Beholding Thy
Caressed by the feathers of the fallen
I took the fate in my hand

My raging Commander
My constant Shade
My soulґs Persecutor
My eternal Divinity

Revealing Thy powers in visions and dreams
Invoking Your magic at night
Honored I am to mission Thy word
within a creed is sworn of majestic might
An infernal allegiance in which I pay my share
An unholy awakening inside of which I intend to bear

I entreat You with devotion
I subsume Your might with strenght
I will carry on with You as my guardian
against the lambs of the light

Possessed by the true god of earth I am
Possessed by eternity
The Night Masquerade

A scarlet sunset
the threshold to nightplay
A sinful oath is to be sworn
A becoming bloodlust
among to seekers
Tyrranic hunger yearns

A gathering in flames and fires-
Devilґs daughters dance
Scourged in filth, obscene and lewd-
Longing for a dark desires

The nocturnal beast appears
in an evil despotic shape
Expectant watching gracelessy
before demanding the sluts of lust
(the Beast: )
"Come forth harlots, letґs begin!"

(the Beast approaches: )
"Rise and give praise in front of Me
and receive eternal life from Me!
Welcome my spirit in honor of Me!
So drink of the blood I provide you
and you shall all forever wander in
the shadows of death ... !"

(the chanting whores: )
"Oh yes, Master! Let us receive
Thine offer and drink with Thee!
And become a part of Thy realm
with lust, sex and sodomy -
for we are those who seek life eternally ... !

(the Beast: )
"Blood is life and it shall be all ours!"
Tormentor Of Christian Souls

I drag you to my chambers
And strip you naked in darkness
And I pull out your fingernails one by one
And rape you till your final hope

I rip your guts out
And let you watch me sacrifice your unborn child
I'll leave you to starve
A nigger will bring you the souls of silence at once

A final pleasure
In your fist and your brain
I want your christian soul to crumble

Your final hope

When I see your church go up in flames
When you are weeping on your knees haha!!!!!!
When I see you born of another god
I will feel pleased to end your mortal soul as you rot

Now I bring you the shadows
It gives me pleasure
Tormenting of christian souls!!

Soul(s) on depature six six six
onward unto another existence
A trip far beyond all plesant dreams
A voyage through desolation sights

Inner transformation
Subconcious flight
In the glance fields of fires
In the distance meadows of mists
Where minds being enshrouded in complete night
The fading of love, life and light

Wandering an endless journey
Dead within a trance
Entering a lost dominion soulless and free
Visiting a foreign place but yet so known
Another dimension opens for me to see
Heaven sure ainґt made for me to be

Soul(s) on arrival six six six
one short step from unhallowed ground
The ground of Kingdom Come
Dead spirits communion
Unorthodox profane void

Gardens, temples, palaces
I have seen them all
In search for insanity, sanity slowly drowns - In trance
Master Of Disharmony

Master of disharmony
welcome my tained soul
Take me from the hordes of the living
into the blessed darkness
Master of disorder
take my impure flesh
Lead me unto the path of temptation
save me from the cowardness

Save me from the cawardness

Master of sin
take my cursed heart
Bring me where I can find salvation
for I am the damned

Master of death
take my pitiful life
I am enslaved
I shall never forget the pain

Master of sin
take my cursed heart
Bring me where I can find salvation
for I am the damned

Master of death
take my pitiful life
I am enslaved
I shall never forget the pain
Prudence's Fall

He became the swarm, indeed a pitiful imitation
to the verge of a quiet glance, an oracle without eyes
Darkness ... My precious companion, even thou canst see His face
Salvation, turned to bleed despair, compassion fled ...

Sadistic delight flowed, like Hell burned brighter
existence woven into darkness, prudence did fall

... In Satan's beauty, Life was found ...

A flow of orgasmic fire, swept through the cosmic night
I enthroned darkness triumphant, with the searing trident of the

"Gaze towards the Heavens, and you might catch a glimpse of Me ..."
A Succubus In Rapture

Illness and plagues, torture and blight
is what she brings
Mocking holy standards, deceiving feeble fools
is what she loves

Granted with powers, gifted with magic
Watching the world through ravens eyes

Damned woman Mischievous whore
Heretic prinzess
Devil's own

Her seductive elegance
excites your weak flesh
Her diabolical beauty
enchants your bewildered mind

You damn woman
You mischievous whore
You heretic prinzess
You are Devil's own

(performing an ecstatic dance: )
A serenade made out of black magic
She has learned to set souls afire
and makes sure that yours never
will leave itґs trance

Her diabolical beauty
enchants your bewildered mind
Raabjorn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde

Langt.der borte i morket
Gjennom tretopper der mеnelys driver
Langt.der borte i all tеke
Inn gjennom min sjel den sorte angst river

Pе de mosegrodde steiner de seg viser
Nеr nattemorket har senket seg over
Ekkoene.fra deres grufulle jamring
Endelost.du kan hore

I horisonten langt vekk
Skimtes den sigende skodde
Horder av ild rider mеnelyset i flokk
Ved daggry de samles ved en bortgjemt odde

Den iskalde snoen
Har kommet
Denne gang
I evig fokk

На страничку Dimmu Borgir