На страничку Children Of Bodom

Hatebreeder 1999

Silent Night, Bodom Night
Bed Of Razors
Children Of Bodom
Towards Dead End


I'm an outcast on the path of rebound
Everything is frail, I desolate, crush and burn
I have chosen darkness to be my guide
War is in my heart, death is by my side

Warheart! No remains from compassion or love
Warheart! Hate your fellow as yourself

I have chosen night to be my guide
When the daylight strikes I hide in my trench and die

I'm the warheart I'm dying to win the battle I live everyday

One for all, all for me, I'm an animal, better set me free

1st verse and chorus

Silent Night, Bodom Night

On the eve of their death
they are baptized
in the unholy waters of Bodom
With no hint of the torture awaiting
to greet them at the break of dawn

When the calm is setting in
we'll watch it swiftly disappear
Too many years of silence
soon he's bound to reappear

The Reaper
is calling for you to come home
With the thrust of a switchblade
on the grip of a madman
And the waters of Bodom
turn a blood shade of red
As the Children Of Bodom
lake their last breath.


And now decades later
on this haunted shore
we all better take caution...
for the reaper wants more...

Bed Of Razors

I see the candle light burning in your
eyes, flareing up my eyes in flames
On this pitch-black summer night...
of passion and pain

The razor caressed my flesh and my arms turned red, I feel a vast desire
Years of pain are flowing down my arms. Sweet, red, warm stream you drink, make me released
Give me your hand, let me make you feel the ease, in the bed of razors we bleed together...

I feel the fire burning in my heart, I see it sparkling in your eyes
The blaze you're feeding more and more

The razor caressed your flesh and your arms turned red. I feel your vast desire
Tearing pain is flowing down your arms. Sweet, red, warm stream I drink to make you released
Holding your arms, cherish this composure, in the bed of razors we sleep together, forever...

Children Of Bodom

In the silence of darkness, among the shadows of the dead we hear
a wolf howling hungry to wake up children of the graves
Unripe Vengeance! The cult that serves as revenge
has put forward it's fangs to declare a fucking WAR!

Only calmless spirits of corpses are passing by the altars of Bodom
where everything but death is a lie
To spill your blood to become our wine
We'll reborn really where only the wild will survive

The clash of wickedness veils Lake Bodom blood red
We have gathered our souls to praise the triumph of Death

Children of Bodom
angry are rising
Running amok, slaying
with a sense of desire
From the twilight of the past,
among the victims who died

Something Wild
has survived!

2nd verse & chorus


No flickering light at the end of the path
Confront repressions of the past
Fear... Prevail... Insanity... Obey!
Draw back in silence to dwell in anxiety
No matter where I am, I'm alone
My dreams are shattered
into thousand running tears
The tears keep dripping down, down,
deep, down from my veins

I'm walking towards dead end I'm walking all alone
Two steps behind insanity
There's no starlight guiding my way throught this downward death row
Soon will be the time I have to go...

Little by little the end is drawing near
Another night and so little blood to spare
(Ya can hurt me... but ya can't possess me 'Y know...)

Kill me, hurt me, fuck me, rape me, you won't have me!

Draw back in silence to dwell in anxiety,
No matter where I am, I'm alone. I'm crying outloud
the tears of blood I bleed, so fuck the world,
I'll go now, I don't care. (Who cares?)

I'm walking towards dead end, and I'm walking all alone
Two steps ago I past insanity
There's no starlight guiding my way out this downward death row
So now is the time I have to go


The night of timeless fire is drawing near
I flee... Throughout the years of throe
Watching through a mirror, as I fall apart
I see a wreck, I'm burning

I see angels burning, falling down in ruins
Looking down I see me, I'm my own enemy

Watching myself decaying, falling from high spirits
I flee... Throughout the ruins of me
Longing for finding my way out
Leaving myself, there's nothing left for me
The ruins are about to crumble down.

The flame is dying by shivery winds of jet black skies
It reflects hatred in my eyes

I see angels burning, falling down in ruins
Looking down I see my ashes scattered around my grave

Angels whispering fire, no longer I'm alive
Settled down I'm done with the trip to my kingdom come

На страничку Children Of Bodom